March Madness – Three tattoo Conventions in Three Weeks – Week Three

Part 3 – Scottish Tattoo Convention – March 24th, and 25th

The last weekend of March Madness was the home town convention, The Scottish Tattoo Convention at the Corn Exchange. This time the whole team was in attendance; AlexLauraKyle, and myself. After setting up (in a prime position by the stage), we were good to go for a full weekend of tattooing. It was a wonderful weekend of tattoos and entertainment. Being so close to the stage, we got to enjoy all of the performances from the comfort of our booths.

Day One


It was a long day with all three artists starting the convention with full day portraits. Kyle finished first with a rad portrait of Snoop Dog. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the best photo (convention lighting is the worst). Laura, was next to finish with a sweet portrait of Bianca Del Rio from RuPaul’s Drag Race. As per usual, Alex was the last to finish with a stunning portrait of Darth Maul (legs not included). They can be seen below but there’s better quality versions on our instagram page. A solid day of tattooing (followed by excessive consumption of Chinese food).


Day Two


After a long first day, the gang got stuck into day two….


Kyle spent the day doing a gutted bird (pictured left). A bit gruesome but it turned out great. It was a last minute change of plan but it worked out for the better.

Laura started work on a big Bride of Frankenstein piece. Keep an eye out on our instagram for the finished piece in about a month.

Alex continued on a huge back piece he’s been working on.  Keep an eye out on our instagram for the finish piece in about 2 years… the dude has a big back.

The second day wasn’t as long as the first. We all got finished at a more reasonable time. That said, once we packed up, moved everything back to the studio and then had some dinner, Laura and I finally made it to the after party about midnight… I didn’t get too drunk, I promise… well, maybe a little. -Baz