March Madness – Three tattoo Conventions in Three Weeks – Week Two

Part 2 – London Tattoo Collective – March 17th and 18th


After the dust had a brief chance to settle on Alex‘s convention kit, it was dusted off again a few days later to take to London. The London Tattoo Collective is another great show full of great artists.

On day one, Alex started another 2 day piece. This time a Venetian inspired one. The client had been on the books for this piece since last year’s Tattoo Collective so it had been some time in the making.

By the end of the first day, Alex had finished this head with mask. As usual, Alex was tattooing long after most of the other artists had packed up for the day. It was a long day but the client sat for the tattoo like a trooper.

Alex hadn’t planned on entering the Best Large Colour this time around but one of his clients was in attendance and, even though the piece is unfinished, they decided to enter it. Not Alex’s usual style but this Disney lower leg half sleeve (pictured below) got on stage and impressed the judges enough that he got a 2nd place Best Large Colour. Another great start to the weekend and another great trophy for the wall.


Day two was a much shorter day. With the head already in, Alex just had to add a Venetian canal and gondola under it. The finished piece came together beautifully and, whilst pop-culture portraits are always fun, Alex really enjoys tackling something a little different.