Multiple Day Tattooing

Alex Rattay has changed the way he tackles his big realism pieces. Instead of cramming a smaller and/or less detailed piece into one day session, or spreading two day sessions over a couple of months, he’s now doing multiple days, back to back. The end result is undeniable. You end up with a much more consistent tattoo with a lot more of the finer details that make the tattoo look amazing. He’s now done a lot of 2 or 3 day sessions and is always looking to do more.

Back in February, Alex gave a seminar on Multiple Day Tattooing Techniques at Mark Bester‘s Tattoo Academy. It was a great couple of days and Alex got some positive feedback. He did a 2 day Scarlet Witch on our very own, Laura Jane Penman (Pictured Below).

From all reports, if you can sit for one full day of tattooing, you can sit for two days. The second day is less painful than the first as you already have the endorphins going to the body part from the previous day. Alex has had quite a few clients now return for a second lot of multiple days.

Here’s a few examples of of some two day pieces Alex has done in the last few months:


The Above piece was done over the two days at the London Tattoo Collective. Conventions are ideal for 2/3 day pieces.


The above Starlord piece was done in the studio on future guest artist, Jack Midz. Jack will be back for another 2 day Avengers Infinity War inspired piece to coincide with the release of the film.


This next one was the one Alex did at The Tattoo Academy on Laura Jane. Notice all that fine details in the collar that would have been impossible in a one day session.


Lastly, we have this gorgeous tiger done recently in the studio. Those eyes and that tongue came out amazingly.

If you’d like to book a two day session for a wonderful big piece, contact the studio for more information. Discounts are offered on Alex’s normal day rate. -Baz