Snowmageddon 2018

Benjamin Laukis and Natalie Nox’s Snowed in Guest Spot


It snowed last week. Did you see the snow? Not many people were talking about it so you may have missed it.

Yes it puked down on most of the UK, covering the country in a blanket of white. Trains and buses were cancelled and so were flights. Unfortunately it made it hard for most of our clients to get in to get their tattoos. We did have a couple of clients that made the impressive journey from South of the border, in the snow, to get to their booking. To those guys, we salute you.

People were panic buying milk and bread as if every dairy farm and bakery were going to magically dissolve as a result of the snow and no bread and milk would ever be produced again. As with everything, the internet responded with memes. Scotland’s drug dealers (allegedly) gave up selling their usual product and instead opted to peddle in black market baked goods.

Through it all, Empire Ink remained open and powered through the snowpocalypse with the aid of AT-ATs, AT-STs, snowspeeders and utilizing the occasional dead Tauntaun to keep warm. They really do smell worse on the inside!

Benjamin Laukis and Natalie Nox got a day into their guest spot before the snow hit. Benjamin managed to get one client in before the country ground to a stand still. He did a sweet guitar/skull piece using the client’s own guitar headstock for reference.


Natalie had a client return and get this heart added to the gorgeous Rebel Alliance logo (Rebel Scum) that she did during their guest spot in November last year.


The rest of their time here didn’t go as smoothly. As the heavens opened up and brought the city to its knees, Benjamin and Natalie, unfortunately had clients unable to make it in. One of Natalie’s clients did brave the “Arctic conditions” and drove up from Newcastle to get a beautiful sleeve. We’ll hopefully get a picture of that soon.

Then came Friday and it was time to say good-bye to Benjamin and Natalie but Edinburgh Airport had other plans. Alas, their flights were cancelled and they had to spend Benjamin’s Birthday in Edinburgh rather than the intended Lithuania. It did mean we got to spend Benjamin’s Birthday with him and our amazing neighbors, Tasty Buns came to the rescue with this lovely cake.


Whilst it was a shame that Benjamin and Natalie didn’t get to Lithuania for Benjamin’s Birthday, it did mean that one of Benjamin’s clients that couldn’t make in earlier in the week managed to come in and get this great flamin’ skull done.


Despite Scotland becoming a dystopian nightmarish snowscape for most of their visit, we had a great week with Ben and Nat and look forward to future visits… but probably not in Winter.