Sun’s out, guns out!

Or taps aff for those that lack the “guns”… apparently

Summer is here and more skin is showing. As such, it’s a busy time for Scottish tattooists. People see their bare skin and want it a different colour than the translucent white-blue it is. The ironic thing is, people don’t treat their skin (especially during the summer) in a way that is conducive to getting tattooed.

Rather than pimping things around the studio, I thought I’d talk about how to look after yourself and your skin so your summer tattoo looks amazing for many summers to come. We do our best to saturate our tattoos and give you art that you can proudly wear for the rest of your life but there are a few simple things that you, the client, can do to make our jobs easier.

1. Stay hydrated

Your doctor/dietitian has been telling you this for years; drink some bloody water, mate (or maybe that’s just how my Australian doctor worded it)! Sure, beer has water in it, coffee also has water in it… most liquids have elements of water in it, but nothing is better for the skin than drinking pure H20. Try and drink a bunch of water in the weeks leading up to your tattoo. Your body will like you and hydrated skin soaks up the ink better.

2. Avoid booze

I’m not saying go the whole summer without a pint. Shit, I’m enjoying a beer as I type this! I just mean in the few days leading up to your tattoo. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun, in some beer garden or park, and sinking several beers; I get it. That said, if you have a big day of tattooing ahead of you, give your alcoholic beverage a miss for a few days before your booking. The buzz those pints give you only lasts few hours but that tattoo you’re getting is there for the rest of your life. Alcohol dehydrates you and thins the blood; both of which are bad for tattooing. Just think how good that pint will taste after a full day of tattooing!

3. Stay out of the tanning bed

We’re in Scotland, we don’t see a lot of sun. It’s summer and you want to have the glow that only a tanning bed can provide in this country. As an Australian I was amused by the number of tanning salons when i first moved here but i get it. That said, they dry out and kill the top layer of skin. Tattooing on dead, dry skin means the ink isn’t getting to the healthy skin that will hold the ink long term. This is also why you should…

4. Stay out of the sun

Okay, the sun coming out in Scotland isn’t that common and when it does come out, everyone wants to soak it up. By all means, get out there and enjoy it. While you’re enjoying it, if you’ve got a body part that is going to be tattooed in the near future, smother it is sun screen, cover it in clothing, do whatever it takes to avoid burning it. It’s all well and good for me (who grew up with all the sunshine) to say stay out of it, but you really should keep skin that is about to get tattooed (or is freshly tattooed) away from UV rays.

5. Exfoliate

This isn’t essential, and isn’t just a summer thing, but the skin is in a better condition if you use a loofah and some exfoliating soap to clean the body part for the week leading up to your tattoo booking. It’ll remove all the dead skin and your artist will have the best possible canvas to work with when they are tattooing you. I personally swear by it, and have had the quickest healings since I started doing it.

Right, that’s it. I don’t wanna sound like yer mum but I do want you to have the best tattooing experience and go home with the best possible tattoo. By all means, have a great summer, but if you have a booking with us (or any other studio) please take this into consideration.

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