Geek Science Presents: Lightsabers Vs Cap's Shield


Anyone that is following our Instagram page will be familiar with our #Funkopop Feuds. Picking questions each day is great fun and often leads to debates between everyone in Empire Ink that day (including our clients).

There has been a question going around the internet for the last few weeks that epitomises everything we at Empire Ink stand for. It's a great question that led to much debate. So we asked the question on our Instagram stories:

Could a Lightsaber cut through Captain America's Shield?

Depending on how you view each weapon, this seems pretty obvious: "You dumb bastard, of course it can. Lightsabers cut through everything" or "What are you, a moron? Cap's shield is indestructible"

55% of you voted on the side of lightsabers, which is a perfectly reasonable choice, but I'll explain why (like Brexit) the majority are incorrect. I base this argument on my many sexless, teenage years of reading both Marvel and Star Wars comics and books, and watching all of the films and cartoons. That said, if you think I'm wrong, book in for a tattoo here and we'll debate it in person.


Lets look at the Lightsaber

Lightsabers are mint. What human in their right mind wouldn't want one? They can slice through anything! But can they? if you've been paying attention, they can't.


First up we have these idiots: General Grievous' Magnaguards. Sure, the Jedi lopped their heads off with ease but could they cut their Electrostaffs? Apparently not. Both Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker hacked away at these bellend's staffs with little result. The reason being is that it's made from one of the few metals that lightsabers can't ruin, Phrik.

Phirik is an unbreakable metal in the Star Wars Universe that, once forged, can't be damaged. Pretty bloody handy metal to have in the Star Wars Universe. They probably should have made their robot bodies out of it rather than their fancy sticks.


Next example, the First Order trooper commonly known as TR8R. He had the "Z6 Riot Control Baton". He easily defended against the lightsaber wielding Finn in Episode VII with nothing more than the Star Wars equivalent of a bloody nightstick. Sure, you can argue that Finn is a useless prick but it doesn't change the fact that he bashed away at a bloody baton with a lightsaber and only still lives because Han Solo shot TR8R in the head with Chewie's crossbow.

Why did this fancy Stormtrooper stick hold its own against a Lightsaber? It's made from a compound called Cortosis that can absorb and re-channel the energy from a lightsaber. If Snoke wasn't the silly prick he is (was?) he would have outfitted his entire army with armor made from this compound and not just their flippy sticks. I think I should have led the First Order and not that scabby dickhead; maybe the rag-tag group of rebels wouldn't be doing as well as they are.

Now we look at Captain America's Shield

"When Captain America throws his mighty shield.
Those who choose to oppose his shield must yield!"

Due to the ownership rights of the Marvel films, there's 2 versions of Captain America's shield. In the comics, Cap's shield is made from an alloy consisting of adamantium (Wolverine's bones) and vibranium (Black Panther's everything).

The adamantium has the same properties of Star Wars' Phirik metal. Once you make stuff out of it, that stuff ain't breaking. Would a lightsaber cut Wolverine in half the way it did Darth Maul? Don't be silly. Wolverine once survived a nuke. Wolverine was once shot in the balls by the Punisher with a rocket launcher. Sure, he probably had that ball ache that every bloke experiences when they get a sack-tap, but he's Wolverine, of course he got through.

The film version's shield is entirely Vibranium. That shit is the MCU magic metal that managed to keep Thanos and his minions at bay for a good chunk of the third act of Infinity War. It's basically the MCU version of Star Wars' Cortosis. It can absorb and re-channel energy. You think a saber that can't cut a shitty stormtropper weapon is holding up against that? I don't think so!

Not convinced? Here's a gif that shows Cap defending against Thor's Hammer in the first Avengers film. THOR'S BLOODY HAMMER! Do you really think that a glow stick is more powerful than a MAGICAL GOD HAMMER?!


I rest my case!