Avengers: Endgame...

…or How This Grown Man was a Giddy Child for 3 hours


It’s been 11 years and 22 films in the making. The hype machine has been running overtime here at Empire Ink. Anyone that has been tattooed by us over the last few months has no doubt heard us debate and theorise over the most eagerly awaited film since The Force Awakens.

Avengers: Endgame is finally here and, like always, the Empire Ink team booked seats to the midnight screening. As usual, we went to our local Cineworld and decided to go for the Infinity War/Endgame double bill.

Infinity War was great to see on the big screen again. After it finished, an hour passed, it was midnight, and the screen was still blank. 10 minutes later, we were informed that they were having issues with the projector. 30 minutes later, and we were updated that they were working on it. At 1am we were told that it wasn’t going to happen. To say that we (and the other 340 people in the cinema) were disappointed is a massive understatement.

So, after a few hours sleep, we tried again. At 7am we drove to the Vue in Livingston to catch the 8am screening. This time (thankfully) we got to see the film… and what a film it was.

It was everything we could have possibly imagined. There’s very little I can say for fear of spoiling even the slightest element for anyone. It really is an experience that people should go into knowing as little as possible.
It made me cry with sadness, cry with laughter, and (mostly) cry with giddy joy. It may have been the lack of sleep or the emotional trauma of having the previous night’s screening ripped away from us but Laura Jane, and myself were tear soaked messes by the end of the 3 hour and 5 minute run time. Me being the macho, bearded man I am, did my best to hide the various tears but it was futile.

If you’ve ever opened a big cross-over comicbook and marveled at the big splash pages then you understand a fraction of what this film delivered. Is it perfect? Pretty close. Did any of the minor imperfections diminish our enjoyment? Not at all.

Going by the box office numbers, everyone has seen it. If you haven’t but like the franchise, what the bloody hell are you playing at?*

If you would like to get yourself a sweet Avengers tattoo, contact the studio here.

*Kyle has, at the time of typing this, still not seen it and is stopping us from being able to talk about it in the studio.