Avengers: Endgame...

…or How This Grown Man was a Giddy Child for 3 hours


It’s been 11 years and 22 films in the making. The hype machine has been running overtime here at Empire Ink. Anyone that has been tattooed by us over the last few months has no doubt heard us debate and theorise over the most eagerly awaited film since The Force Awakens.

Avengers: Endgame is finally here and, like always, the Empire Ink team booked seats to the midnight screening. As usual, we went to our local Cineworld and decided to go for the Infinity War/Endgame double bill.

Infinity War was great to see on the big screen again. After it finished, an hour passed, it was midnight, and the screen was still blank. 10 minutes later, we were informed that they were having issues with the projector. 30 minutes later, and we were updated that they were working on it. At 1am we were told that it wasn’t going to happen. To say that we (and the other 340 people in the cinema) were disappointed is a massive understatement.

So, after a few hours sleep, we tried again. At 7am we drove to the Vue in Livingston to catch the 8am screening. This time (thankfully) we got to see the film… and what a film it was.

It was everything we could have possibly imagined. There’s very little I can say for fear of spoiling even the slightest element for anyone. It really is an experience that people should go into knowing as little as possible.
It made me cry with sadness, cry with laughter, and (mostly) cry with giddy joy. It may have been the lack of sleep or the emotional trauma of having the previous night’s screening ripped away from us but Laura Jane, and myself were tear soaked messes by the end of the 3 hour and 5 minute run time. Me being the macho, bearded man I am, did my best to hide the various tears but it was futile.

If you’ve ever opened a big cross-over comicbook and marveled at the big splash pages then you understand a fraction of what this film delivered. Is it perfect? Pretty close. Did any of the minor imperfections diminish our enjoyment? Not at all.

Going by the box office numbers, everyone has seen it. If you haven’t but like the franchise, what the bloody hell are you playing at?*

If you would like to get yourself a sweet Avengers tattoo, contact the studio here.

*Kyle has, at the time of typing this, still not seen it and is stopping us from being able to talk about it in the studio.

April 2019 is probably the best month for geeks, ever.

April is shaping up to be a bloody good month if you’re a bit of a geek. Between comicbook movies, great TV, and a couple of sweet lookin’ video games, this nerd ain’t getting a girlfriend any time soon.


Comicbook movies are as big a part of the Empire Ink team’s life as tattoos are. Apart from the obvious big release, there’s another couple of comicbook movies out this month.


Shazam came out last weekend. Alex, Laura, Kirsten, our guest artist Edgar, and myself all went and saw it last Saturday night. Whilst the film received mixed to negative reviews from most of our group, I personally loved it. It’s great to see DC embracing the sillier side of comics and moving away from the murderous moapy pricks that have been ruining their films. I’d personally say it’s DC’s best film yet (fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy, come at me).


A new Hellboy film was released yesterday and it’s not faring well with the critics. General audiences have been a bit more forgiving so I’ve not lost all hope. Hellboy’s previous two films starring the fantastic Ron Perlman were great and I’d like this one to be entertaining too. Apparently this one is a bit more gory as it’s moved away from the fantasy element and embraces the horror side of the comic. I won’t be racing in opening weekend to see this one but I’ll definitely check it out soon.

Avenger: Endgame

There’s a little known series of comicbook films called the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s seen a bit of success but in case you’ve not heard, there was a film last year called Avengers: Infinity War that ended with a bit of a cliff hanger.

As you’ve likely not seen a Marvel film, here’s a comprehensive recap of the story so far

On April 25th, the follow up film, Avengers: Endgame is coming out. We at Empire Ink like to support these small independent films so we bought our tickets for opening night. It’s strange that the screening is at Midnight.

TV Shows

I was gonna add the new Twilight Zone series to this list but since it’s been out for over a week and I’ve made no effort to watch it yet, I’ll leave it off. There is another couple of shows that I’m well on board for starting with…

The Tick Season 2

The Tick was pretty big in the 90s. I was a massive fan of the wonderfully quirky Tick cartoon and the great live action series starring Joe Swanson himself, Patrick Warburton. When I heard that Prime Video were releasing a new Tick series starring Peter Serafinowicz, I was over the moon.

The first season was pretty good. It took itself a little too seriously for such a silly franchise but still had a few fun moments. It suffered from what I call the Dark Knight effect. That’s where you take a comicbook property and try and twist what makes it good by adding too many real world elements (if you haven’t noticed, I’m not a fan of the Nolan Batman films).

I’m a couple of episodes into the new season that was released last week and I’m pleased to say that it has (literally) shed its Dark Knight elements. Starting with the Tick’s costume which lost it’s armored look and is more in line with the original. It’s also started adding some other silly heroes so I have high hopes for this one.

Game Of Thrones Season 8

Almost as hotly anticipated as Avengers: Endgame. Game of Thrones is loved by everyone in the studio (except for Ross). If you watch the show then you’re already hyped for this. We’re running a Game of Thrones season 8 deadpool in the studio. Everyone has put £20 on the outcome of the season predicting who will live, who will die (or get White Wakered) and who will win the Throne. It all kicks off tomorrow night so we’ve been watching Season 7 in the studio today. Can’t bloody wait!

Video Games

If all this TV and films isn’t enough to gobble up your free time, there’s a couple of awesome looking video games to sink your teeth into.

Mortal Kombat 11

In the 90s I would have pumped thousands of Aussie dollars into Mortal Kombat machines. Now I buy every incarnation of the game as it’s released on home consoles. I love a MK game and MK 11 is looking prettier and more brutal than ever. I’m itching to get my hands on this one and look forward to decapitating some of my mates online.
Check out this bloody cinematic set to the only good techno song

Days Gone

Playstation has really excelled with its exclusive this generation. Days Gone looks to be no exception. I’m always keen to sink my teeth into a good zombie game but this one looks next level. If the story and gameplay is half as good as it looks, it’ll be a great filler while we wait for The Last of Us 2.