Sponsors & Friends

Alex and Empire Ink are proudly sponsored by the following companies:


FK Irons

Industry leading design and engineering.

Manufactured in the U.S. to the highest industry standards… Tested on humans

Barber DTS

Barber DTS is the leading tattooing equipment supplier across the whole of the UK and Europe, providing professional tattoo supplies including tattoo machines, tattooing inks, needles and cartridges. They supply a full range of tattoo studio furniture, general tattooing equipment and aftercare products.


Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink is the brand trusted by tattoo artists around the world. They lead the way by setting strict standards in product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance for their tattoo inks.  Made for artists by artists.



Longer lasting, crisp, clean, and sharper tattoo stencil transfers!



Prime is a multi-purpose product that prepares and corrects various skin issues with a blend of vitamins and fruit enzymes. Not only is PRIME excellent at preparing the skin, but it also preserves and renews tattoos long after they are healed. Immortal Prime is 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Fragrance Free and Made in the USA.

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These premium dry tattoo towels are STERILIZED, ready-to-use, durable, and highly absorbent. They leave no residue and won’t clog your needles during your tattoo session. WIPE OUTZ™ features special, interwoven biodegradable fibers, with a custom, textured, quilted design giving you the best ink absorption and a deep cleansing of the skin. 


SecondSkin is a medical-grade, transparent, adhesive barrier that protects new tattoos while they are healing. It is latex-free, waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

The first seven days are a crucial time when it comes to healing tattoos. Because it's breathable and waterproof, SecondSkin™ can be left on during that period. It will protect the tattoo from bacteria and debris, while also helping to save clothes and linens from ink and blood.


Hyraw Clothing

HYRAW is a French clothing brand, driven by deep beliefs , authentic state of mind, mixing graphic aesthetics and originality. Inspired by the artistic movements of the tattoo, metal music and powered by the vibrations of extreme sports, HYRAW is a dedicated brand, close to alternative way; reciprocating away from common stereotypes.





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